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Thanks for visiting. The pictures on this page show you our food extruder, meat production equipment and other types of food processing equipment. All LIGHT food equipment is characterized by simple structure, high production efficiency, low cost and can bring benefits to users quickly.
In addition, we at LIGHT can also offer CNC engraving machine and CNC cutting equipment, etc.

Being CE certified, LIGHT food processing machinery is well received by food makers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Britain, Italy, Iceland, America, Austria, New Zealand, among others. Our customers can feel relieved and satisfied when using them. If you want to cooperate with a China food processing equipment and food extruder manufacturer and supplier, please don't hesitate to work with us. We are surely the one you are looking for.

Produits principaux
  • Four à tambour rotatif La chaleur est transférée à la paroi interne du tambour via des tuyaux, puis finalement au film. L'humidité s'évapore et le four à tambour rotatif ...